September 2018

We presented our work on corals and climate change at Penn's Science Cafe series at the Wilma Theater in downtown Philly on Sept. 25th. A great crowd showed up, and Kelsey Speer did a wonderful job covering for Katie on short notice when she got stranded out of town!
September 2018

Fantastic job this week by lab undergrad Elyse Kochman and lab alum Chris Carlson, who presented their summer research projects at the CURF Research Expo! Elyse presented her work on Aiptasia spawning and Chris presented his REU project on invasive green crabs along the Oregon coast.
August 2018

Congratulations to posdoc Kelsey Speer (left), who was awarded a prestigious NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology! Her fellowship starts this month, which in addition to her research on pH sensing mechanisms in cnidarians also aims to support broadening the participation of under-represented groups in biology.  
July 2018

Babies! After several months of hard work, we finally got anemone larvae! These little swimmers were born via in vitro fertilization (IVF). The adults are either male or female, and release their gametes into the water. To perform IVF, we take eggs released by the females and water filled with the sperm expelled by the males and mix them together. This allows us to know the timing of fertilization, helping us study their early life stages and hopefully succeed at doing genetic manipulations to help us learn more about their biology.
July 2018

Summer travels! PI Katie Barott and postdoc Kelsey Speer travelled to Oregon this month, where they both attended the 2018 EDGE Aiptasia/Symbiodinium Workshop, and Katie also attended the International Symbiosis Society Congress.  
April 2018

Congratulations to PhD student Lisa Valenti, who was awarded Honorable Mention by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program for her proposal to study carbon concentrating mechanisms in coral symbionts, Symbiodinium
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